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Path to Glory: oil painting of the squash clubhouse by David Walker (March 2003)
The Squash Club is located at the north end of the UBC campus (6251 Cecil Green Park Road) and is part of a complex which includes the buildings of Cecil Green Estate juxtaposed with the buildings of Green College.

By way of history, the main estate mansion formally known as "Kanakla" (a First-Nations word meaning "house on a bluff") was built in 1912 by Edward Pease Davis, founder of Davis LLP, of Vancouver. It was designed by the famous Victoria architect, Samuel McLure The squash court was built around 1920, most likely by no famous designer.

At some point the estate came under the ownership of Senator McKeene and was later purchased by Dr. Cecil H. Green. It was donated to the University in 1967 by Green, and it was at about this time that the UBC Faculty/Alumni Squash Club started up.

Since that time the Club has provided a conveniently located and fine squash facility to a broad spectrum of the University community at an affordable price.

The Club is autonomous and is run by a volunteer Executive consisting of a President, Treasurer, and Secretary. A contractual arrangement with Green College provides a set number of memberships for disposition to students and other associate members of the College.


The Membership Rules can be found under the "The Club" tab.

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